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def. njeri (NJHEH-RIY) - warrior, traveling one (Kikuyu)

True to my name, I am a feisty artist that loves to travel, draw cool people and illustrate awesome scenes. Being a London girl at heart, I started illustrating scenes showing life in the big city. Using my playful art style, I was able to bring to life the hip vibe of the city.

The results of my artistic adventures was the creation of Njeri Illustrated, a lifestyle brand creating custom-designed products featuring local city scenes for local people. Not just products showing typical city illustrations founds in most stores, but rather local city scenes that show the beauty and the depth of city life!

At Njeri Illustrated, you can find quality city-chic artwork at affordable prices. My artwork can be found at local greeting card shops throughout London and now online! Have a browse of my collection and feel free to let me know what you think of our one-of-a-kind products.

Kindest Regards,

Michelle Njeri Small

Njeri Illustrated. Your City.... Illustrated.

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